the lullaby my mother use to sing to me
the way grass feels on my feet when chasing lightning bugs
being wedged between my dad's side and the back of the couch when he was watching nascar on sunday afternoon
being dragged out of my sister's room by my ankles because I wanted some attention
the first time I held hands
my first real rock and roll concert
the time I realized that my parents may actually be smarter than me
being snubbed by my best friend
the realization that I am a good artist
how it feels to break up
the first taste of freedom when the family minivan leaves campus freshman year
how much I wanted my parents the first time I got sick at college
biactine on a freshly skinned knee
taking a nap in the grass
discovering something new
swimming in fresh rivers
waking up
the way oatmeal tastes when it's hot and burns
closing my eyes to a song and feeling lifted away
being rejected from art school
getting a bear hug

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