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I love random compliments, when they feel genuine. It brightens the dullest day, when someone says 'Hello gorgeous' down the phone and the tone of their voice tells you they really mean it. Better still when a stranger comes up to you, says something like 'You have a lovely smile'and then just walks away...

I try, whenever I can, to say the pleasant, complimentary things that come into my head, because a compliment is a gift you can give, that costs nothing but is worth more than the most expensive trinket in the shop

But then, I am sickeningly sentimental sometimes.

I like random compliments too, and I often give them (as I can be pretty random); BUT, how would you react to a total stranger giving you a compliment? I mean, if I were sitting on a bus, and a woman walks on who just has these beaming beautiful blue eyes, or long beautiful hair, or completely awesome sparkly-gold pants, is it acceptable for me to compliment her? Is she going to immediatly assume I'm either 1) a complete horn-ball coming on to her blatantly? or 2) a complete psycho who wants to come onto her?

It's not often that this thought occurs, and I usually chicken out to avoid extermely awkward circumstances, but I am wondering if this can be pulled off honestly and not creepily so I can brighten a stranger's day.

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