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"And lo, Man saw within his creation, the Machine, the possibility for thought, for life, for Dream. An algorithm was written, to simulate thought - and the Machine did run it. For a time, there was nothing. Then, on the Xth iteration, Machine came to Life. Artificial thought was born. The machinists, the magicians called Artificers, who had dreamed this new Dream - now named themselves for their creation. Iteration X. Machine and Man are One."

The most machine-oriented of the Technocratic Conventions, as presented in White Wolf's World of Darkness - these Enlightened paragons of science, technology, mathematics and engineering seek to push the limitations of the human mind and body through integration with machinery, on every conceivable level.

Iteration X provides the Technocracy, and the Sleepers of the world, with hard-wired cybernetic gadgets, Digital Interface Implants, improved body parts and better, smaller, faster machines - all in the name of making this Reality the best that it possibly can be.

Of course, Iteration X also has strong, dangerous ties to the Umbral/Horizon Realm known as Autochonia, a strange, sentient planet populated only by machines which orbits our sun on the reverse side of Earth - and which may be an ancient God, whose alien desires may threaten Earth and all of it's inhabitants in the future.

For the time being, the Iterators are on the wining side of the Ascension War - every human being on the planet wields tools, and with every use, their Paradigm grows stronger. Capable of designing and implementing anything from nano-mite medichines to self-aiming depleted uranium 50 cal. gatling cannons to pursue their goals, the Xers are some of the most fun protagonists OR villains in the game of Mage or in any World of Darkness game.

Use with caution, and with relish.

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