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Title: The Destroyers, Part I
Release Date: July 2002
Writer: Joe Kelly
Penciller: Doug Mahnke
Inker: Tom Nguyen
JLA Members: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, the Martian Manhunter, and Plastic Man.
Bad Guys: Weird Incan Armor Guy and Weird Death Shaman Guy.

So what happens?
Quite a bit of this issue takes place in Green Lantern's dreams, partly to explain GL's new costume and adjusted powers and partly to hint at the ominous forces stalking the JLA. But outside of Kyle's subconscious, Flash and Green Lantern are investigating the highly-mysterious rain of fish, cephalopods, and ocean mammals that's devastated Daytona Beach. Is there some connection to Atlantis, which was apparently located not too far away before it vanished? We don't get to find out (yet) because no sooner do the heroes discover a mysterious individual wearing golden armor with Incan designs, then they unexpectedly trip a booby trap and are stuck with dozens of poisoned darts. Flash's superspeed metabolism allows him to recover, but GL goes comatose.

The rest of the League investigate a piece of armor taken from Daytona and discover that, though it carbon-dates to 1000 BC, it appears to be brand-spanking-new, which raises the possibility of reverse time travel. They also learn that the armor has been recently baptised with blood--children's blood. Daaaaamn.

Meanwhile, we peek in on our villains. The Weird Incan Armor Guy is kidnapping more children in Florida and holding them in a power plant. Motive? Unclear, but probably not good. And in the Okefenokee Swamp, some weird shaman guy is doing weird rituals with dead crows. Motive? Unclear, but probably not good.

The JLA return to Florida, hoping to prevent any sacrifices. They find the guy in the Incan armor, but when J'onn tries to read his mind, he only has time to learn the guy's name (Tezumak) before gets knocked out by a mental booby trap while the rest of the Leaguers are rescuing the kidnapped kids. The rest of the JLA are ready to charge at Tezumak, but Batman warns that he's probably arranged booby traps for all of them. Almost as soon as he says this, the League is attacked and overwhelmed by a horde of millions of supernatural crows (some of them actually stuffing themselves down the heroes' throats! YUCK!), clearly organized by the newly-arrived Death Shaman Guy, who prophesies doom for the JLA and the Earth...

Cool Moments!
Green Lantern has seriously weird-ass dreams, with Superman smoking a fat stogie, Martian Manhunter drawing cartoons, and Batman and Wonder Woman flirting shamelessly with each other

Cool Quotes!
Green Lantern, after a giant raven in his dream chars him to ash: "The subconscious sucks."

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