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Name: Jameel McCline
Nickname: "Big Time"
Weight Class: Heavyweight
Age: 31
Hometown: Port Jefferson, New York
Record: 28-2-3-16
sfc's Heavyweight Ranking: 5th
sfc's Pound for Pound Ranking: 27th

Available Bio: Unlike many boxers, Jameel McCline has no real amateur background. One reason for this is that he spent nearly 5 years in his early twenties in jail instead of in the ring. He was charged with "gun running" and supposedly spent 14 months in solitary confinement. Somehow, "Big Time" came out of this positively. He was introduced to boxing in jail and also took advantage of education opportunities there. While McCline has had no amateur training he has been able to spar with the division's best because of his size and endurance.

Personality, etc.: McCline is a very likeable, well-spoken boxer. He describes himself as a "Y2K" boxer because of his "modern" training techniques. He has six different trainers and practices Yoga (for breathing techniques).

Important Fights:

Early Career: McCline started his career with an abysmal 2-2-1 record including being KO'd in the first round. Since then Jameel has shown an amazing ability to improve after every fight.

vs. Michael Grant: This former Heavyweight Contender was on the comeback trail when he faced McCline. "Big Time" stunned the audience by quickly ending that comeback with a first round TKO. Many people felt that McCline got a "lucky shot" in this fight, but it still put him in the limelight.

vs. Lance "GOOFi" Whitaker: Formerly called "Mount" Whitaker because of his formidable size. McCline was supposed to be the next big step up for this future star who changed his name to "GOOFi" because he's such a "goofy guy". McCline, also a big Heavyweight, dominated the fight, winning a lopsided decision. McCline was now considered a top 10 Heavyweight.

vs. Shannon Briggs: This time McCline was the favorite. He now faced another large fighter with KO power. Because of this McCline was cautious in the early rounds, but by the end was landing at will on the exhausted Briggs. Another big decision win for "Big Time" that put him at the top of the division.

Upcoming: TBA


Size: Standing 6'6" tall and weighing a fit 260+ lbs., McCline is part of the new breed of "Super"-Heavyweights. This gives him the ability to stand toe-to-toe with the other giants of the division.

Stamina: McCline has shown the ability to have a very large output (for a Heavyweight) all the way through 10 rounds. Many Heavyweights fade in the middle and late rounds and this is where "Big Time" shines.


Age: McCline seems like a young prospect but he is already 31. Of course, his "ring age" is much less, but this could still be a factor for him in the future.

Nerves: McCline tends to start slow and looks very nervous through the first few rounds. These rounds could prove to be dangerous for him. Also he may be susceptible to intimidating volume power punchers like David Tua or Mike Tyson.

Future: Right now things are looking good for Jameel McCline. If he can get one more big fight under his belt he'll be in position to challenge for the Heavyweight title. Lennox Lewis has indicated that he may retire after fighting Mike Tyson. If so, the division could be ruled by McCline and the division's other major big Heavyweight, Wladimir Klitschko.

Last Updated: April 30, 2002

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