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The German Fun Punkrock/Rock band J.B.O. formed in 1989, a few weeks after the two front men Hannes Holzmann and Vito C. met for the first time. The original "Orchester" consisted of:

They played their first concert at the local newcomer festival in Erlangen/Germany - a musical disaster, but the audience was royally entertained (the music has slightly improved since then, the shows themselves are as entertaining as always). Their program mainly consisted of funnily translated cover versions. While the band members tried to earn money through more serious band projects the Orchester stayed a casual fun project for five years. In 1994 "Ein guter Tag zum Sterben" (a good day for dying), one of their rare self-made songs was discovered by a local radio station, resulting in dozens of people wanting to buy a J.B.O. CD that didn't exist yet. In one day and two nights they recorded their first EP "Eine gute CD zum Kaufen" (a good cd for buying).
In September 1995 they released their first full album, "Explizite Lyrik" (Explicit lyrics) on Musical Tragedies, a local independent record label. Though there was absolutely no advertisement for the CD it sold over 10.000 copies. When it reached the German LP charts in summer 1996 the lawyers of James Last wanted to sue them, at this point they were officially renamed to J.B.O. and remained successful for the following years.
In 2000 the bassist and drummer decided to leave the band, but because Hannes and Vito were the songwriters they simply engaged new members, drummer Wolfram Kellner and bassist Ralph Bach. The band is still active and their next album "United States of Blödsinn" (United States of nonsense) will be released on August 2, 2004.


  • Eine gute CD zum Kaufen (A good CD for buying, 1994, EP)
  • BLASTphemie (1994, EP)
  • Explizite Lyrik (Explicit lyrics, 1995)
  • Die Megra-Hit-Twingle (1996, Single)
  • No business like shoebusiness (1996)
  • Der weiße Hai im Dechsendorfer Weiher (The white shark in the pond of Dechsendorf, 1996)
  • Bolle (1997)
  • laut! (loud!, 1997)
  • Wir sind die Champignons (We are the champignons, 1997)
  • Älläbätsch (1998)
  • Meister der Musik (Masters of music, 1998)
  • Ich sag' J.B.O. (I say J.B.O., 2000)
  • Sex sex sex (2000)
  • Bums bums bums bums (Bang bang bang bang, 2001)
  • Live-Sex (A live-CD, 2001)
  • Ich will Lärm (I want noise, 2002)
  • Rosa Armee Fraktion (Pink Army Faction, see RAF, 2002)

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