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Bacon Number: The Oracle says: James Darren has a Bacon number of 2:
  1. James Darren was in Operation Mad Ball (1957) with Jack Lemmon,
  2. Jack Lemmon was in JFK (1991) with Kevin Bacon.
Born in Philadelphia in 1936, James Darren is a talented and versatile performer whose career spans five decades.

Darren's career began in the mid 50s and he quickly became something of a teen idol starring in a number of movies for Columbia during a seven year contract, after meeting mogul Joyce Selznick. Despite being a better actor than many of his contemporaries, he had trouble escaping the teen idol image, eventually becoming a recording artist after singing in the film Gidget, achieving a number of Top Ten hits.

In 1966 Darren starred in The Time Tunnel, a cult sci-fi TV show still broadcast in syndication today.

In recent years Darren acted in and directed a number of popular television shows, including T.J. Hooker, Hunter, Nowhere Man, The A-Team, Hardball, Police Story and Beverley Hills, 90210.

Darren's career as a singer experienced a boost when he was recruited to play the role of Vic Fontaine, Deep Space Nine's resident holographic crooner. The character of Vic Fontaine was an immediate hit with viewers, and encouraged Darren to release This One's From The Heart, a compilation of classic Rat Pack hits from amongst others, Frank Sinatra, of whom Darren was a close friend.

Darren's new album, Because of You, was released in September 2001.

  • http://www.jamesdarren.com/

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