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Guitarist and songwriter in the Go-Gos, the '80s all-female pop band. Also had a solo career and in the '90s formed a Los Angeles band called froSTed, which flopped and was disbanded after one album. Among the difficulties was that Wiedlin, pushing 40 by then, wasn't keen on playing mom to her youthful bandmates. More problematic was a lack of radio airplay for the record, which incorporated edgier, punk-minded influences but was still a pop album at heart.

The Go-Gos reunited in 2000 and did some nostalgia touring with the B-52s. Jane even got to sing lead on a song or two. She started her own record label, Painful Discs, in 2001 to release her album, Kissproof World.

Wiedlin also tried her hand at being an actor, landing bit roles in Star Trek IV (she's an admitted sci-fi fan) and Clue. More recently, she was cast in the MTV soap opera, Spyder Games.

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