'80s all-female rock band that only released a few albums but had a strong following.

Members included Belinda Carlisle on lead vocals and Jane Wiedlin on guitar. Wielden left partly because she wanted to sing lead on some of her own songs, and the band split soon after. When they broke up, Rolling Stone printed a photo with the caption, "Gone-Gone." (R.S. also did a cover shoot of them in their underwear.)

Ack! They're back! The Go-Gos released God Bless the Go-Gos in 2001 and have been doing some reunion tours during the summers.

As long as I'm updating this E1 w/u, I should toss this in: I'm learning that the Go-Gos were an enormous influence for women in the '80s. They were the first hugely popular band that demonstrated women could rock -- not just that they could sing and look pretty, but that they could write their own songs, play their own guitars, and just generally rock out. That's pretty cool, even for a bubble-gum MTV band.

Fun fact: the Go-Gos were a bunch of wild, scary girls from the Hollywood punk scene before they metmorphosized into an upbeat pop combo. (Actually they remained pretty wild and scary for several years after that, despite their wholesome public personae. The other reason the band broke up is Belinda Carlisle's refusal to clean up when the rest did. She eventually got her act together though.)

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