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Now that everybody knows that software and hardware can have easter eggs, the time is right to introduce another kind of easter egg:

documentation easter eggs!

I came across this little gem in a posting on /.:

"Slightly offtopic, I know, but I was once reviewing a
document for a serial-port driver or some such. As these
things usually are, it was page after page of mind-numbing
detail about hardware registers, state graphs, interrupt
handlers and the like. About 3/4 of the way in, the author
described yet another hardware register, which had three
or four bit fields of varying length. One of them was
called "EAD - Earn a Dollar".

Being the naive newbie engineer I was back then, I went in
and asked him what that was, and he promptly handed me a
dollar. He said he had put that in just to see if anyone
would read that far."

Do you know any other documentation easter eggs?

Get a copy of C++ Primer by Stanley B. Lippman and look up "recursion" in the index. In my second edition volume, it falls on page 611. The page references for recursion are 113, 120, and 611. What a practical example of recursion!

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