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I needed to see some pages with the ISO-8859-2 character set; this means I go to IE5 and Windows. This was all on purpose, actually, since Windows Media Player is also there, and WHRB at Harvard is having an overnight Stevie Wonder marathon. Stream on. So I marvel at the Czech spelling of composer Alfred Schnittke's name, etc, as I listen to decades worth of music from Stevie, the man to whom I semi-affectionately refer as "The Cornrowed Buddha of L.A."

The marathon is a mixed blessing. Stevie's great, but some songs you've already heard a thousand times, and some later ones are merely the latter-day good craftsmanship of the Tubby Cornrowed Buddha, nothing especially great - you can't get a sustained buzz from an all-over-the-map selection of his work. In his defense, he has to live up to STEVIE WONDER every time he opens his mouth; that's not easy.

The songs that got my attention were, oddly, the ones that predated his famed period of innovation and world domination - i.e. the stuff he was co-writing and/or producing in the mid-to-late 1960s. This was the "Hey, the kid writes, too!" phase of his career, aged 16 or 17, no longer "Little" Stevie Wonder, "the 12-year-old genius", but someone who was beginning to master Motown-style hitmaking.

So it was cool to hear "Hey Love", an old B-side from 1966, and Aretha Franklin's definitive rendition of "Until You Come Back to Me", and "I Was Made to Love Her", et al. He'd stretch Motown's boundaries a couple of years later, with stuff like "My Cherie Amour", "For Once in My Life", and "Signed, Sealed, Delivered", and then, a couple more years later, become fully independent of "Mister Gordy" and build his modern-day legend.

He grew up and became much more eloquent, but the older teenage songs, merely cool tunes to me when I was a four-year-old tagging along with the bigger kids, connect with the 16-year-old in me; it's even more special now, since I'd forgotten that 16-year-old was in there. Welcome back, kid. Make yourself at home.

"...like a sweet magnolia tree
my love blossomed tenderly..."

"...Hey love
You're my one true soul desire
Hey love, baby
Can you feel this burning fire?"

"...I was made to love her,
build my whole world around her,
yeah, yeah, yeah..."

"...even if the mountain tumbles,
if this whole world crumbles,
by her side I'll still be standing there..."

"...when you are near me
I go through a change or two
Hearing your footsteps
I hurry to catch your eye..."

"...my nights are so long
as I watch each hour go by
hoping and praying
that someday I will be your guy..."


Jerked awake at 6:20 am by the absence of hum. Power out. Later I learned at edebroux had woken up then too. Back to sleep, though supposed to be up at 7:30 for work. No battery alarm, to hell with it. At 8 the phone wakes me. Bobby from Borders, simpering, twittery asshole. Power's out at the store, we'll call you if we need you. Last I checked, retail is not something one should be "on call" for. What - are they going to have a shelving emergency or something? Unplug the phone, back to bed. Phone lines were down all over town, didn't you hear?

This is Kanon42's 18th birthday. Yippee!

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