Hi, my name is Itzak Berky (friends call me Behr) and in return for financial considerations and the right to spend a full hour inside of Kehlsteinhaus with the two Dutch boys (without hairless ass weasel pest) without supervision of any kind by any type of authorities or even a janitor working unnecessary overtime when he should be grateful just to have a job, have been asked to deliver you the following message and commercial endorsement of Hans Gerber's Scenic Railroad Tours of Bavaria:

Zefron Gerber founded Hans Gerber's Gerber's Scenic Railroad Tours of Bavaria in 1878, back when it was known as The South Munich Service Line Number Seven and he was hired to be its first pure blooded Aryan conductor. People would come from miles around to see him driving that beautiful service line locomotive through the beautiful scenery that is natural to Bavaria.

We invite you now to book a tour with us of all the sights, smells, and sounds of Bavaria the way it was when the world was young. See castles, migrant farmers, breathtaking vistas, and romantic glens. See famous Neuschwanstein castle, the Romantic Road, romantic vistas, mountains, migrant farmers, rivers that are romantic, breathtaking vistas, and more.

Many of our packages include hot meals including authentic German beer in authentic Bavarian beer steins as well as romantic vistas and breathtaking glens. One of our customer service agents is waiting to help you select the package that best suits you and your sweetie, your elderly parents, or maybe you want to travel alone to find love amongst the trees. We have romantic glens waiting for you to find them.

We have recently received the full endorsement of Mr. Itzak Berky, a delightful and friendly Romany Jew who believes that he is the son of Nazi supermen. He is delusional. Someone from your website needs to come to Bavaria right now and retrieve Mr. Berky. He is not well. He believes he is being followed by a creature he refers to as a "hairless ass weasel." Please come and get him ASAP. We are begging you. He just approached a woman at the bar and said, and I quote, "I wanna spread your legs so I can eat nachos out of your snatch."

Hans Gerber's Scenic Railroad Tours of Bavaria is available online at hansgerbersgerbersscenicrailroadtoursofbavaria.com and by calling 49 89 6871 7335. Please.

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