My friend Sara eats her pizza crust first. I asked her last night why she did so, and her answer taught me something about myself. I'd like to share that knowledge with you, my loyal followers.

Sara told me that she eats pizza crust first because she doesn't like the crust as much as the rest of the pizza. Her thought process is that if one eats the less favorable item first, she can look forward to the rest of the pizza, knowing that it will be better. She will have something to look forward to, and that makes up for the less desirable beginning of the consumption process.

Whenever I have two tasks, let's say for example a DSP project for school and a blog entry, I would do the blog entry first, for several reasons. First off, I have enough time to do both. Secondly, I will enjoy the blog entry significantly more than the DSP project.

I am very pleased with the way my life is going. Of course not every day is perfect, but overall in the end I'm content as a human being. Nothing that I have to do is so terrible that I hurry to do that first to get it over with. I'm grateful to be able to have this mindset and be able to enjoy my senior year of college the way that I am.

What I'm trying to say is that when I eat the pizza that is my life, I eat the best parts first and the crust last, if at all.

As she wakes she hears the snow falling on to the ground, a gentle tap, tap, tapping. Dragging herself out of bed she peers out of the curtains to see the snow drenched street. The snowflakes fall thick and fast laying onto the paths and roads making a thick layer of snow, like a blanket. The day looks so still and untouched, smiling she remembers the last time there was snow. All she had ever dreamed of was a white Christmas and this year she got it. Today would be like that all over again, the happiness and the laughter. Perfect. She pads into the bathroom to start her morning ritual before she makes the long trip to School. There was no doubt that there would snowballs, snowmen and a day when she didn't really feel like being in school so much.

The walk to School seemed like it went on forever. As she closed the front door behind her and locked it with her key she felt the cold hit her like a thousand needles, she didn't need this. What she needed was a hot bath and a long sleep. Plodding along the streets she saw the thick snow glisten on top of all the houses, it looked pretty, beautiful in fact. Somehow it didn't seem so bad; at least there was something to look at. The leaves on trees had droplets of snow on, and, as the snow started to melt the leaves would drip. As the sun shone the droplets sparkled and she realised that the streets looked so different from yesterday.

Her friends throw snowballs and she threw them back. They laughed like they never had before. As the cold hit them they took refuge inside, the classroom were wet and snow filled the corridors of the School. People slipped around the corridors and slid outside on the icy paths. The pond of the school had iced over and she thought it looked beautiful, she almost wished that she bad a pond in her garden. She saw her reflection in the frozen water and watched as the ice started to melt away and face disappeared. The snow was starting to disappear and so was her happiness, this was no longer fun... she was cold and wet, it would have only been fun if the snow was still there.

When the end of the day finally arrived so did her happiness and the arrival of a new layer of snow. It was snowing again. She wrapped up and stepped out into the bitter cold, she shivered and grabbed her friends hand. There was no doubt that she would safer with a friend. Safety in numbers. Snowballs were thrown at her but she carried on, desperate to get home and into a hot bath. As she entered her house she turned and she saw the same thing she had that morning. This peaceful, untouched garden that was covered with snow.Beautiful. Maybe it would snow tommorrow, she thought. The girl closed the door and went for a hot bath, she was lucky, and she had friends that made snow fun. What would it be like if you didn't have any?

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