It is I, friend Behr (Itzak Berky). Face value. Means a lot.

Chopper and I cut through the mountains today and crossed into Switzerland according to Chopper's cell phone GPS. We are poorly dressed for the weather. I am wearing only one shoe and have damp sock. Beginning to smell very ripe, said sock. Cold biting temperatures keeps stench to minimum. Green, moldy looking growths on foot now. Nothing to be concerned about. Burn off later with blowtorch. I've done it before. I have nuts. I have balls. Not many have both. I do.

We are heading to the castle of the "Madman" but some soldiers on skis came over to us after we crossed the border. They took us to their ski lodge where they gave us hot chocolate with little marshmallows in it. Tasty. Warm.

Refused medical care again. Gave lecture on falseness of medical science in particular and science in general. Handed out pamphlet on ways to execute doctors efficiently. It was given to a man with a bowtie who looked concerned and left with it.

WiFi (internet process for using no wires to access websites) is good here.

Will warm up and blowtorch foot and then go to bed. The blowtorch I got my hands on thankfully has a high setting. When you do this, it needs to be as hot as possible. You will lose some meat and bone. It is part of life. Toughen up.

Will keep you posted.

My friends.

Hooray for reQuest 2019: the reTurn and huge thanks to the people running it!

I felt like there were less ghosts this year. The site feels smaller, like a bar with regulars. Friends who have moved away wander back in sometimes. The regulars don't all like each other, but have to get along. From the Little House Books: "Birds in their little nest agree," says Ma, admonishing Laura and Mary to get along. This is when they are small and only have each other to play with, off in the woods of Wisconsin. The cousins may visit once or twice a year, for Christmas or to help with the slaughter of the pig. Laura's childhood was in the 1860s. Think now of children going on line and talking to people across the globe. It does not seem surprising to me that people are struggling with social media, connection and what it means. And how to limit it and not turn it in to yet another addiction.

And so thanks to everyone who turned in reQuests and all the participants too.

May your life not contain too many naked weasels.

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