About a century and a half ago, a Scottish woman named Emma Kellum moved to the United States and married a man with the last name Johnson. The Johnson family had emigrated from England sometime in the eighteenth century, to settle in those exciting new colonies of the New World. How they ever wound up in Texas is a great mystery lost to history.

Miss Kellum's surname was passed on to a descendant, whose son is...me. It's a great conversation starter—"Where's your name from?" In 43 years, I've never been to the land of my ancestors, but that's about to change.

Which is all a not-so-sneaky way of announcing... ahem ...*takes a deep breath*

I'm coming to England!!!!!

In April, two of Suzi's best friends will be getting married (to each other) in Devon. I chose to tag along, come to the wedding, and spend two weeks hanging out, seeing sights, meeting some noders, and generally getting to see another country.

I will be arriving in England around 20 April and staying in London for two weeks, seeing the sights, and hanging out with my friends. This should be a big exciting adventure for a Texas boy who has never been outside the land of his birth.

I hope some of my Britnoder friends (and maybe even some of my Euronoder pals as well!?!?) can come to London during this time. The Debutante says there might be some kind of fun London alcohol-fueled noder monkey business in the offing...I tell you, I can hardly wait!

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