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Jared Spears, a popular contemporary composer, was born in 1930 in Chicago, Illinois. He is currently the Professor of Music Emeritus at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. There, he taught percussion, composition, history, and theory for 32 years.

The percussionist in Spears is easily shown through in each of his works. Each piece features extremely intric percussion parts. Spears is oft recognized for writing pieces with simple notes and rhythms that, as a final product, sound extremely difficult to play, as parts overlap and blend with each other.

His many awards and honors include the Faricy Award for Creative Music given to him from the Northwestern University School of Music (Illinois), the Award of Merit from Arkansas Chapter of the National Federation of Music Clubs, and being a member of Outstanding Educators of America (1973-75). Also, Spears has recieved rewards such as Citations of Excellence from the National Band Association, and the President’s Award for the outstanding faculty member of Arkansas State University in 1986, as well as appointment as a President Fellow in 1988.

Some of Spear's better known compositions include:
Deo Gratsias
Wind River Overature
Spirit Canyon March

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