Joey Lauren Adams was born on January 9, 1968 in Little Rock, Arkansas. She started acting at a young age, working in several local church productions. In 1989, nearing the end of her teenage years, Joey moved out to Los Angeles to begin her career as an actress. In 1991 she received her first real acting role playing Mona Mullins in the TV show Top of the Heap, and again in Vinnie & Bobby alongside future Friends star Matt LeBlanc. However, her best work on television might be as the young debutant who took Bud Bundy's virginity on the hit show Married With Children.

Joey quickly turned to movies and got a role as Christine on the SNL skit turned movie, Coneheads. Coneheads was followed by a role in the high school stoner flick Dazed and Confused. Joey went on to star in several independent movies until she got a role in Mallrats, directed by then boyfriend Kevin Smith. Before working with Smith on the third install ment of the New Jersey Trilogy, Joey worked alongside Pauly Shore in the stupid, yet highly funny and amazing Bio-Dome and, on the other side of the spectrum, John Travolta in Michael. In Chasing Amy Joey would star as Alyssa Jones, a comic book-writing lesbian who falls for hunky heartthrob Ben Affleck, only to be involved in many humorous situations with Affleck, and his comic writing compatriot, Banky Edwards, played by Smith regular Jason Lee, not to mention a rather brutal hockey game. She followed Chasing Amy by starring in the independant drama A Cool, Dry Place. Interestingly enough, after her relationship with Smith ended, Adams turned her affectionate attentions towards the leading man in A Cool, Dry Place, Vince Vaughn.

After a part on the TV show, Hercules, yeah the one with that Kevin Sorbo guy, she played opposite SNL veteran and all around funny man Adam Sandler, as a lawyer, and more importantly, his love interest. Adams' next large role was as the voice of a squirrel in the Eddie Murphy sequel Dr. Dolittle 2. This would be followed by the fifth and final movie in the New Jersey Trilogy, J&SBSB, reprising her role as Alyssa Jones.)


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