"I think historians will look at Bill Clinton with puzzlement and make the following judgment: that it was a great waste." -- John McCain

From Esquire Magazine
Interviewed by Charles P. Pierce
July 2000, Volume 134, Issue 1, p. 111

I thought it was rather refreshing that McCain spoke so openly about Clinton, as I was going over my past issues of Esquire and now that Clinton's legacy is all that one can hear about on tv news programs. One could have expected either of the two common choices:

For Republicans: I'm just happy we have a change in administration.

For Democrats, since Al Gore didn't win, a blow job (only metaphorically of course) about how he was one of the great presidents, or something about the economy.

Looking at quotes like the above I can only stop and think what would have happened if McCain had only taken South Carolina and he was moving into the White House.

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