Bob Dylan's ninth album (including a Greatest Hits), and his first after his 1966 motorcycle accident. Also the title of the first track. Released in 1967, it is a true classic that deserves its reputation.

This album moves away from the electric guitar sound of Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde on Blonde back to Dylan's folk roots. All Along the Watchtower was so well covered by Jimi Hendrix that some (unenlightened) people believe him to have written it.

Track Listing

  1. John Wesley Harding
  2. As I Went Out One Morning
  3. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
  4. All Along the Watchtower
  5. The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest
  6. Drifter's Escape
  7. Dear Landlord
  8. I Am a Lonesome Hobo
  9. I Pity the Poor Immigrant
  10. The Wicked Messenger
  11. Down Along the Cove
  12. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight


[Lyrics deleted for copyright reasons. - Ed.]

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