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A brief discography of the Wilburys. Songs on Volume One are listed by either their known composer or primiary vocalist:

The Travelling Wilburys, Volume One
Released October 1, 1988

1. Handle With Care--Harrison
2. Dirty World--Dylan
3. Rattled
4. Last Night--Petty
5. Not Alone Anymore--Orbison
6. Congratulations--Dylan
7. Heading For The Light--Harrison
8. Margarita
9. Tweeter and the Monkey Man--Dylan
10. End of the Line

Volume One features easily the best 1980's material of George Harrison and Bob Dylan. The songs range from almost-serious to definitely-not serious. Highlights include Harrison's "Handle With Care", Dylan and Petty's masterful Bruce Springsteen parody "Tweeter and the Monkey Man", and "Congratulations", one of Dylan's typical late-80s extremely depressing love songs. The not-serious efforts are led by Petty's amusingly failed one-night stand in "Last Night" and Dylan's "Dirty World" which was supposedly Dylan's tribute to Prince(!), and contains the only lyrical appearance of the phrase "Trembling Wilburys".

The best tracks on the record, in general, are the ones they didn't let Jeff Lynne anywhere near.

Volume Three is the inferior cousin to Volume One, generally lacking the humor of the first record, and leaning too heavily on Dylan's songwriting skills, which were not exactly at their peak. This record probably could have benefitted from more Tom Petty songs.

The Travelling Wilburys Volume Three
Released October 1, 1990

1. She's My Baby
2. Inside Out
3. If You Belonged To Me
4. The Devil's Been Busy
5. Seven Deadly Sins
6. Poor House
7. Where Were You Last Night?
8. Cool Dry Place
9. New Blue Moon
10. You Took My Breath Away
11. Wilbury Twist

Recommended tracks are Petty's "Poor House" and the "Wilbury Twist", which contains instructions such as "Lift your other foot up, fall on your ass. Get back up, put your teeth in a glass".

Incidentally, as none of the Wilburys could play drums, Jim Keltner, the Sixth Wilbury, sat behind the drums for both records.