This writeup will not do this man justice. I will attempt to come back and edit it, but there is no way that I could do it in a single sitting. (Yes, I am a Wick fanboy.)

John Wick is responsible for creating some of the most amazing fictional worlds. He does it entirely without resorting to novel format. He is responsible for the worlds of Theah (7th Sea), Rokugan (Legend of the Five Rings), and whatever the name of the world from Orkworld is.

Each time, he mixes together just the right mix of the expected cliche along with the cliche-breakers to make the world recognizeable but different. Each time, the story is episodical, so you discover bits and pieces of the story as you pick up each book. (And did I mention he does this entirely without novels?)

His medium is the spoken world or small bits of flavor text in collectible trading card games or role-playing games.

It would be utterly amazing if he got the chance to write novels about his stories. (It was very disappointing that he didn't get a chance to write The Scorpion novel, since the Scorpion Clan Coup was one of his better plots.)

He used to work for Alderac Entertainment Group on the Legend of the Five Rings story until he reached The Day of Thunder at which point he started to transition it off to Ree Soesbee. She completely took over the story for the entire Hidden Emporer plot. Meanwhile, he was also working on the 7th Sea world up until recently.

Eventually, he left Alderac to go out on his own. He started work on a project called Orkworld which would portray Orks in a different light (instead of just "walking bags of gold" as he called them). He sold that book without a company over him.

Currently, he's working on a new revision of Warhamster 3rd Edition. I'm partially clueless on this one, but I believe it to be a parody of roleplaying games in general.

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