Wizards of the Coast will allow you to post the letters given with the Imperial Herald, provided that you wait 30 days after they arrive. This is so that you receive some benefit of being a member. I think this is a fantastic move on the part of Wizards of the Coast. Apparently, this has been the policy for the Imperial Assembly all along. Anyhow, if someone has further questions, I'll pass them onto Andy Heckt ( email: heckt@wizards.com ) who coordinates the Imperial Assembly.

For those of you wondering, "What the heck are these things?" They're pieces of fiction done by the current story writer for Legend of the Five Rings for the CCG. The story of the RPG is set a few years in the past, so none of the events in these stories has happened yet. (Though, the RPG is advancing the story up to the point of the earliest of these letters.) The original stories were written by John Wick and the newer ones are written by Ree Soesbee and Ed Bolme.

Legend of the Five Rings has just been licensed (and hopefully, in a year, purchased) by Alderac Entertainment Group. I talked to Rich Wulf, one of the storyline writers for the new company, and have gotten HIS permission to publish the stories here. In addition, he has been sending me electronic copies of the new stories via email. Thanks Rich!

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