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Johnny Chambers' friend Professor Gill found a mysterious formula while in Egypt which acts as a mental focus to channel the energy of the Speed Force for whosoever grasps the concept and utters it out loud. I know. Silly premise for a speedster superhero from DC Comics golden age but we're talking about World War II here.

The character of Johnny Quick was first published in the early 1940s. The character's first published appearance was in More Fun Comics #71, and is considered to be a peer of the character Jay Garrick. He was a blonde haired, black masked gentleman wearing a tight red and yellow spandex years before it was invented. He fought crime and injustice off and on from the 1940s to near present day, and was most affiliated with the super-hero team All-Star Squadron. In 1942 Johnny married Libby Lawrence aka Liberty Belle. They had one daughter: Jesse Belle Chambers aka Jesse Quick.

Johnny lost his life by merging into the Speed Force while fighting a mutual enemy of his and Wally West's.

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