Pity the Whizzer, the superhero with the most embarrassing name in history!

The Whizzer was a comic book character created by Al Avison and owned by Marvel Comics. He made his debut in "USA Comics #1" in August 1941.

The Whizzer was really Bob Frank. As a child, he lived with his father, who was a scientist working in the jungle in Africa. Bob got very sick, and his father wasn't able to cure it due to the primitive conditions of his lab. Besides having a deadly fever, Bob was also being threatened by a venomous snake, but a mongoose appeared, fought the snake, and killed it. Apparently, Dr. Frank got his degree by mail order, because he decided, "Hey, if that mongoose could kill a snake, surely its blood could kill a fever!" So he caught the mongoose, killed it, and drained its blood into his son's veins. After that, Dr. Frank immediately fell over dead, perhaps from mortal shame at his stupidity. But he was right after all; Bob recovered and was even granted amazing and illogical powers of superspeed from the mongoose blood in his body! Outfitting himself with a (Oh god, you won't believe it) yellow costume, Bob dubbed himself the Whizzer and began his crimefighting career.

The Whizzer was not exactly a sensation. He appeared in most issues of USA Comics, but never appeared on the cover. He also appeared in All Winners Comics and was a member of the short-lived All Winners Squad. He reappeared in the 1970s, when it was claimed that he and Miss America were the parents of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch; of course, it was later decided that Magneto was the father of those two, and the Whizzer faded back into obscurity. Any guy calling himself the Whizzer and wearing a yellow costume is just asking for it, and he was often used by bored writers whenever they needed to inflict something undignified on a character. Eventually, probably to his great relief, he was killed off.

Addendum: Habakkuk notes: "What a loser! He and his wife are tricked into believing that two mutant kids are theirs and then their own kid ends up being a mentally retarded particle accelerator (Nuklon). His 'daughter' ends up marrying a mannequin with red skin ... and his other son is just an asshole who runs really fast. I think Bob welcomed death with open arms."

Addendum II: avalyn informs us: "The Whizzer made his MCU debut in the first few episodes of Jessica Jones, season 2. He was played, geeky and slovenly, by Jay Klaitz. Best part: his pet mongoose, Emil!"

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