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A character in the Highlander movie series, played by actor Sean Connery.

AKA: "Tak-Ne", "Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez"


Born in Egypt in the year 896BC as Tak-Ne, Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez (as he was later to be known), is an Immortal. He discovered this at the age of 45, when after being run over by a runaway cart, began to heal and stopped ageing. He was mentor to two other immortals, teaching them about immortality, the rules of The Game, and The Quickening.

Ramirez's life finally came to an end when he was destroyed by Kurgan in their forth and final battle, having fought before in Babylon, Greece and China.

Family and Friends
His first student was Otavio Consone, in 1481, later to be killed by Connor MacLeod (his second student, whom was taken under Ramirez's wing in 1541).

Information only exists about his third wife, a Japanese Princess by the name of Shakiko. Her father, Masamune, presented him with the sword he was to use until his death, a katana.

Ramirez has been in the company of several important figureheads over the ages, including Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and he was even assigned to be the chief metallurgist to King Charles V.

Ramirez has been said to be "...very much a man of the world, very much a teacher." This much is obvious, having lived for so long, how could anyone stay in the same place? Although born in Egypt, Ramirez comes across as being more of a Spaniard, especially in his nobleman attire. This is probably due to his service under King Charles V, a Spanish king who reigned from 1364 to 1380. Ramirez's skill with the sword would probably have been unsurpassed, had he not fallen to the backstabbing (literally) of Kurgan. This skill was passed on to his students, along with metallurgy and smithing, the ability to craft weaponry. So he was a talented man, but also a man of high etiquette. How else could he have charmed the daughter of a Japanese ruler? Masamune (the father in question), was perhaps one of the greatest sword makers in Japanese history, his creations were the stuff of legends. Ramirez is suave, witty, quick and sharp. Very much a man of the world, very much a teacher.

Something about Ramirez always made me think "pirate" or to be more accurate, "swashbuckler". This was probably because he had been to the ends of the earth and back, was a collector of fine art and treasure, and could have tripped over his own sword and still looked good.

There are plenty of websites dedicated to Highlander material out there, but I found the "Connor MacLeod Timeline" useful for the dates: http://affiliates.thethreshold.com/connormacleod/connor.htm

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Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez is a character in the movie Highlander. He was played by the great actor Sean Connery.

    Some quick information:
  • Born in Egypt in 896 B.C.
  • Given name: Tak Ne
  • "Killed" at the age of 45 by a runaway cart
  • Trained by: Nakano, and Graham Ashe
  • Married Shakiko, a Japanese princess
  • Given a Dragon-Head Kitana by Shakiko's father, Masamune
  • Trained Connor MacLeod
  • Died at the age of 2437, at the hand of The Kurgan

For much more in-depth information, please see the node written by Rameriez, titled Ramirez

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