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Japanese nightclub phenomenon known for the "Juliana Girls", who danced in flashy (and quite sexy) clothing and acted in various outrageous ways.

Oddly enough, the Girls were always amateurs. In the bubble economy of the 80's, Juliana's opened as an American-style disco/bar, and featured a dancing platform where, after a suitable number of drinks, OL's would gigglingly hop up for a few moves. This breach with Japanese female modesty was roundly applauded, and soon, girls began hopping up with almost no alcoholic inducement whatsoever. At the door, women wearing sexy clothes were let in free.

Soon, the "Juliana look" became a national sensation: open blouse, miniskirt (which was soon shed), thong underwear, and high heels -- just where office wear touched va-voom, and vice versa. At the height of the phenomenon, a Juliana's doll was produced with the signature outfit and a short-lived TV series documenting the "decadence" to be found behind its doors.

A backlash was not far in coming: the club's neighbors complained that their alleyways were being turned into ad-hoc dressing rooms for OL's keen on shedding their more dowdy attire, and commentators worried about how career women were transforming themselves into sex objects. By the mid-90's, the economy had collapsed, and Juliana's closed its doors forever. Sigh.

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