Joseph I born in 1678

George Bernard Shaw born in 1856

Carl Jung born in 1875

Andre Maurois born 1885

Aldous Huxley born 1894

Paul Gallico born in 1897

Stanley Kubrick born 1928

Mick Jagger born 1943

Prince Charles born in 1948

Curacao Day in the Netherland Antilles

Feast of St. Ann, mother of the Virgin Mary.

New York ratified the Constitution in 1788

John Quincy Adams married Louisa C. Johnson in 1797

British ratified the Versailles Peace Treaty in 1919

Department of Defense formed in U.S. in 1947

King Farouk of Egypt was sent into exile in 1952

Korean War armistice signed in 1953

Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal in 1956

Carlos Armas, president of Guatemala was assassinated in 1957

Apollo 15 was launched in 1971

Pope Paul II died in 1471

St. Bartholomea died in 1833 (feast day)

Sam Houston died in 1863

Otto, king of Greece, died in 1867

Garland Roark died in 1904

William Jennings Bryan died in 1925

Riza Khan Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, died in 1944

Eugene Burdick died in 1965

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