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The Dreamspell (13 Moon Calendar) is a game/calendar/spiritual oracle/New Age cult created by Dr. Jose Arguelles of Harmonic Convergence fame. It is based on two ancient calendars: the Mikmawey and Mayan Tzolkin.

Like the Mikmawey, the Dreamspell uses 13 "moons" of 28 days apiece, with an additional day tacked onto the end of the year to make 365. This is a holiday, the "Day Out of Time", which has no date and is a celebration of art, culture and peace. The 13 moons are named Magnetic, Lunar, Electric, Self-Existing, Overtone, Rhythmic, Resonant, Galactic, Solar, Planetary, Spectral, Crystal and Cosmic. The year begins on July 26 of the Gregorian calendar. Each week is 7 days long. The days are named Dali, Seli, Gamma, Kali, Alpha, Limi and Silio. February 29 (Leap Day) is ignored. Instead, every 52 years 13 Day Out of Times are observed to make up for it.

The Mayan-inspired aspect of the calendar makes for an amazingly intricate astrological system. Each day has a "tone" and "solar seal" associated with it. The tones number from 1-13, 1 being Magnetic, 2 being Lunar, and so on. (Same as the Moon names.) These are depicted using the vigesimal Mayan number system (which Arguelles calls "Galactic Notation"). In this system, a bar stands for 5 and a dot stands for 1. (A circle with a bar through it stands for zero or twenty.) For example, one bar and one dot would be "6". The solar seals are:

  1. Red Dragon
  2. White Wind
  3. Blue Night
  4. Yellow Seed
  5. Red Serpent
  6. White Worldbridger
  7. Blue Hand
  8. Yellow Star
  9. Red Moon
  10. White Dog
  11. Blue Monkey
  12. Yellow Human
  13. Red Skywalker
  14. White Wizard
  15. Blue Eagle
  16. Yellow Warrior
  17. Red Earth
  18. White Mirror
  19. Blue Storm
  20. Yellow Sun
The seals start with "Red Magnetic Dragon", then "White Lunar Wind", and so on. Since there are 13 tones and 20 seals, that makes 260 combinations. Each 13-tone set is a Wavespell. The astrology works off of each aspect of the calendar: the day of the week, the seal and tone of the day, the first seal/tone of that Wavespell, the month of the year, and a lot more.

This was also the basis for an unusual board game.

Aside from the utility of a 13-month, 28-day calendar, the Dreamspell gets pretty bizarre. Arguelles and his followers blame all of mankind's problems (war, environmental destruction, etc.) on the Gregorian calendar, which he claims follows an evil 12:60 synchronization, which is inharmonious with the "natural timing" of his 13:20 calendar. Thus, if he can get the world to switch over to his calendar, world peace may be achieved and environmental catastrophe averted. The worldwide promotion of his calendar and philosophy is maintained by the organizations Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement and the Planet Art Network.

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