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I don't read much any more. I don't seem to be able to make time for it, and it annoys me. I love to read, but the time and effort needed to actually find something worthwile... well, I'm just not able.

So I am calling on you for help.

Call it a quest. A quest for me to get reading again, or a quest for you to recommend The Best Book You Ever Read.

Here's the deal:

  • Send me a msg from this daylog saying something along the lines of "I'm in".
  • When I'm ready to start reading your suggestion I'll msg you, and you'll let me know what you want me to read.
  • Between three to five weeks later I'll post a review of the book, and I'll hand you a C! to spend. Yes, that's your only reward! If there's already a good review I'll post a daylog about my thoughts and feelings re. the book.
  • As you no doubt can see this is not something that'll be over any time soon, if ever. Which means that I might not get back to you for, like, forever. But at some point I will.
  • I commit to reading whatever book you recommed, so please, please do recommed something that you would honestly want to share with me - and the rest of e2 once I write the review.
  • The "three to five weeks" hopefully will allow time for me to find and/or order the book from my library. I am a fast reader, so once I have the book it won't take long.
  • "Book" covers anything from classics via graphic novels to your own manuscripts... Whatever you feel like sharing.

Please don't send me any recommendations without me asking you to. It's not that I don't want them, but perhaps I'd get swamped with suggestions, and I'd hate to disappoint anyone by not getting around to reading their favourite book.

I hope some of you want to play along and help me out with this. Thanks in advance!

Yours truly


List of contributors (to be updated as I read the books):

  1. Swap: Two years before the mast by R. H. Dana
  2. dannye: Chimera by John Barth
  3. karma debt: Epitaph for a Peach by David Masumoto

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