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Publisher: Apogee Software
Author: Dave Sharpless Shamusoft Designs (adaptation)
Original Author: Randy Glover
Released: 1991
Platform: x86 MSDOS
Controls: Joystick: Left, Right, Climb Up, Climb Down. Button: Jump
Features: Level editor
Musical score: George Harizal
Additional credits: Jim Norwood, Shawn Green
Availability: Discontinued due to copyright problems

Saturn's under siege! the famous Sagan Institute of Astronomy, known for the discovery of new life throughout the cosmos, has become the target of Earth-wide debate. Now, a group of radicals has planted literally hundreds of high-explosive Neutronic Interpulsed TechnoBombs all around the many levels of the Institute - each armed and ready to blast Saturn back to space dust.

Your Mission

You're the government's top anti-terrorist agent, and the only one capable of saving Saturn from premature oblivion. You have been equipped with special JUMP (Jet-controlled Upward Movement Propulsion) boots, which will help you avoid dangers and leap around the many levels.

The terrorists have planted TechnoBombs everywhere, which you must grab to defuse. BE ALERT - many other terrorist traps await, including the laser guided SmartDarts, which kill on contact!

In 1991, Apogee Software released a remake of the classic Commodore 64 game Jumpman. The full version included all original Jumpman plus Jumpman Junior levels as well as a Level Editor.

Unfortunately Apogee never licensed Jumpman from Epyx, which was not quite abandonware yet. They were ordered to cease distribution of JL!. In 1994, under the contract terms between Randy Glover and Epyx, the copyright has reverted back to Mr. Glover, who is now free to publish or license Jumpman.

Today, the shareware version can still be legally(?) be found on some older software archives, and the full version, being in legal limbo is also available from the usual sources.

Another remake is available at http://www.jumpmanzero.com

(The original Jumpman took place on Jupiter, not Saturn).

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