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A developer and publisher of PC shareware games, founded in 1987 by Scott Miller, usually known as just Apogee. They published almost all of id Software's early games, and developed several games published by Softlink.

Some of their more famous employees (or ex-employees) include Todd Replogle, Scott Miller, George Broussard, Adrian Carmack and Bobby Prince.

They have launched two subsidiaries, in an attempt to use label branding: 3D Realms in June 1994 and Pinball Wizards in February 1997.

Their slogan is "Apogee means action". They originally developed the popular shareware sales model of giving away a free episode of the game, but selling the rest of the game commercially ("registration").

A list of their games (1991 and earlier games not in exact date order) follows, not including games by 3D Realms or Pinball Wizards:

* Originally Micro F/X Software games.

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