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Sun Jun 17 10:32:55 EST 2001

An interesting couple of days for me. I drove off to Sydney at 6am on Friday morning, to make a 10am meeting at my prior place of employment (where I'm contracting back with a bit of ecom architectural work). We met with the client's technical team, (which I was kind of dreading, 'cause this client is your typical tier-B telco pain in the arse) -- what a refreshing reminder that the geek shall inherit the earth. My respect for the software engineering guys on the inside has renewed my faith in ecom (again). Managers: honour thy geeks, for they shall save your arses.

Spent most of the rest of Friday sitting in the cafe on the street opposite my old workplace, enjoying the broadband internet feed via my wireless laptop that they've forgotten to disable access for (duh). Lucky I'm an honest guy. With a table in the sun, a mobile phone and wireless broadband (and a constant flow of espresso), who needs an office? :-)

Met my best IRL friend for breakfast on Saturday, then drove back to Canberra to attend the Australian Open Source Symposium 3 at the ANU, which was fantastic. Talks by Andrew Tridgell, Alan Modra, Hugh Blemings, Chris Yeoh, Martin Pool, etc. A good day was had by all.

Then home to Gemma and the maltese terrorists, and a cheap meal at the local Italian restaurant (mmmm, gnocchi...)

/me got a funky postcard from the fabulous psydereal, currently on her European jaunt:

"...Ello there luv, I'm enjoying myself here in England. I'm actually riding back from Stratford upon Avon now where we got to see the birthplace of Shakespeare. Yesterday we got to see all of the famous London buildings. Super cool....

Recently I had the opportunity to dance with a woman. This can be (for a male like me at any rate) quite an exhilarating experience. I don’t get out all that much.

It all started after dinner. She was back in Auckland from Berkeley for a week or two. I had organised things. We went dancing.

The band started playing something, I could never tell quite what. There were drums, there was a beat, that's all that really mattered. Something from the 80's, I think.

Felt like there was just her and me on that floor. Sure, there were other people around, but for all I could care, they were mere background furniture. Dave had buggered off - either hunting more beer or just leaving me alone with her for the one dance.

She had this dreamy look on her face. She reached out to my shoulders. I put my hands on her hips.

She moved to the music. I adjusted, and I moved to her. Moved with her. Took care to move in sync. A look of euphoria crossed her face. We moved. It was glorious.

She turned around. Rested her head against me. The feelings I had then were a mixture of euphoria and the knowledge of being useful, coupled with physical contact. Sensual.

I perhaps moved a little uncomfortably – not every day that a woman holds me like this, and my body reacted.

She turned back to face me. She started to lean back. I moved my hands to the small of her back. I enjoyed this. I think she did. I tried to support her.

It continued... my hands on her, hers on me.

I knew full well that I had no chance of ever getting involved further. She knew that. I knew that. It was just a dance. A close dance, perhaps, but just a dance. This was very liberating - I had no need to impress her, I was just to enjoy the feeling of being with her.

Even if she's the only woman I've really ever danced with.

But then, like all good things, it came to an end. And one of the highlights of 2001 drew to a close.

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