Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung developed a system of Psychological Types that he used in his Analytical Psychology. It has become the basis for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).


The 'attitudes' Jung identified are introvert and extravert.

It should be noted that Jung used the terms introversion and extraversion to refer to where a person tended to direct their attention. In this context it does NOT refer to whether somebody is outgoing vs. shy. A shy and quiet "scientific" minded person may very well be considered an extravert.


Either of the two attitudes could display one of four functions: the rational (thinking-feeling) functions and the irrational (sensation-intuition) functions.

His type system is a matrix of the attitude x function:

  1. Extrovert thinking – Scientists
  2. Introvert thinking – Philosophers
  3. Extrovert feeling – Movie stars
  4. Introvert feeling – Musicians
  5. Extrovert Sensation – Businessmen
  6. Introvert Sensation – Art connoisseurs
  7. Extrovert intuition – Public relations people
  8. Introvert intuition – Mystics

Jung's personality matrix with modern MBTI equivalents* Introverted Extraverted ------------------------------- -- | ISTJ, ISFJ | ESFP, ESTP | | Sensing | | | | |______________|______________| | Irrational | INFJ, INTJ | ENFP, ENTP | | Intuition | | | | |______________|______________| -- | ISTP, INTP | ESTJ, ENTJ | -- Thinking | | | | |______________|______________| | Rational | INFP, ISFP | ESFJ, ENFJ | | Feeling | | | | |______________|______________| __|
Jung's types correspondence to other typologies: Jung Freud Berne Sagan Leary Sensation Oral Natural Reptile Circuit I Feeling Anal Adapted Mammal Circuit II Thinking Latency Adult Human Circuit III --- Phallic Parent --- Circuit IV Intuition --- --- --- Circuit V-VIII
MBTI, the four humors and the four temperaments / Nolan Chart. -NT- Promethean Melancholic Libertarian | | -S-P ------------------------ -S-J Dionysian | Epimethean Sanguine | Phlegmatic Liberal | Conservative -NF- Apollonian Choleric Authoritarian

* - There is some disagreement as to the correct placement of the introverted MBTI types in Jung's typology. Jung felt that Sensing and Intuition are always P (Perceiving) functions, while Myers felt that if the person is introverted then Sensing and Intuition are J (Judging) functions. The above chart represents the 'official' correspondencies.

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