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Eventually Lee and I got into a pretty good fight. She had the habit of bringing home guys, fucking them, and then telling them to leave - no point in sharing her bed after she'd had her kicks. So these guys would ramble out of her bedroom to find me playing 8 bit Nintendo in the living room. We would introduce ourselves, or he would remember me as the friend from the bar, and we would chat. I was just being polite, really. When she started to treat David this way, I chatted with him as well.

This did not hold well at all with Lee.

She accused me of trying to worm into her relationships and suck my way into her life by stealing her conquests. She didn't want me to talk to David or any other guy she was fucking. God forbid we all get together and compare notes. We got into a major fight over this, and I moved out. We remained friends, however, and within a couple of months, things were pretty much back to normal. She'd had another acquaintance from high school move in with her, her name was Andrea. Andrea was somewhat crazy, and Lee only lasted with her for about a month before she kicked her out. She put all of Andrea's belongings on the stairs leading up to the flat, and gave her clothing away to the Salvation Army. Andrea had committed the cardinal sin: She'd had sex with David. Shortly after this whole mess congealed and was kicked away, Lee found out she was pregnant with David's child.

I am not cool with the idea of abortion. I am, however, a firm believer in a woman's right to choose. So, when Lee had her abortion, I supported her decision. She came home from the doctor to a clean house, with fresh flowers, where before there had been disarray. She wrote me a card after I did this, thanking me for a piece of sanity after all that trauma.

And then she listened to Esham's KKKill The Fetus record. Full of disturbing bullshit about death, gore, and violence. Good therapy. She did, at least, stop fucking David.

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