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Keller, Texas is a city just north of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex--about 18 miles to Ft. Worth, about twice that to Dallas. The estimated population is about 26,400.

The Keller Independent School District (ISD) contains approximately 20 schools, many not actually in Keller. The district has about 17,000 students enrolled. It's one of the better school districts in the area, with Keller High School earning the title of a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, an award from the Department of Education. As a student at Keller High, I can tell you that it is indeed a good school, although this is more because of the students than because of the school. It's quite competitive... as an example, slightly less than half (that's an educated guess) of my grade has a GPA of 90 or above.

Keller, in stark contrast to the surrounding areas (which have been growing for a few years at an astounding rate), has only recently begun to get more commercial growth. This is due in large part to the horrendous bureaucracy that reigns supreme at city hall. I've seen the elected officials bring a day-care center owner close to tears before (courtesy of a local cable station that televises these trolls, probably to be used by parents to punish their children--"Be quiet or I'll make you watch the politicians!"). Oddly enough, one of the city council members attends my church--I am convinced that it's just a cover. The stupid and pointless restrictions they place on any sort of building activity has made it such that no one wants to bring stores into the area. The only reason that chains have started coming in is that all of the other cities in the area are almost completly full.

To all youngsters (like myself) reading this... there is nothing to do in Keller. To find activities, you could do worse than to go to Dallas. There's really no reason to be in Keller.

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