This was written in accordance with xmatt's Noding your High School node.

Keller High School is, surprisingly enough, a public high school located in Keller, TX. More precisely, it can be found on 601 North Pate Orr Road.

KHS currently has somewhere in the neighborhood of 2500 students.

KHS runs a "modified block" schedule, in which the school year is divided into two parts, 18 weeks each. There are four one-and-a-half hour classes each day. Half a year is one credit. So what this works out to is the traditional 7 or 8 period day that is the same all year is split in half and divided among two semesters. Don't ask me why this is the case.

The school year is a "modified year-round" type set-up. We get a shortened summer and longer breaks. And by shortened summer, I mean we got out mid/late June and started back again August 6th. Ouchie.

KHS' sports teams are the Indians, of course, then, the mascot is an Indian. And that's Indian as in as in Native American, not a true Indian. You know, the latter half of Cowboys and Indians.

KHS has a web site, but, quite frankly, it's crap. If you want to see the damage that one student who is overconfident in their HTML and design abilities can do, visit home page.htm. To hell with regulating drugs and firearms, it's Dreamweaver that is dangerous in the hands of our nation's teenagers.

KHS is a National Blue Ribbon school, which I believe means that it's good. And it is; the students are very competitive with grades... something like 45 percent of my class has a GPA of 90 or above.

I like it. I like the students and the teachers. Since everyone does so damn well, being smart does not necessarily carry the stigma it does at some other high schools. I haven't noticed or even heard of the prejudices that one hears of from some people.

I gotta give mad props to Mrs. Stafford, easily the funniest, craziest, and best teacher I've ever had. Whoda thunk that precalculus would actually be a fun and enjoyable class? Folks, this lady talks in weird voices, writes words backwards (as in sdrawkcab) on the chalkboard, and flicks the lights on and off for what she calls "Disco math". She dumped a student's backpack's contents into the trashcan. She grabbed another's desk from the front and dragged him around the room. She occasionally gets called down to the principal's office. Mrs. Stafford is enough to make up for anything and everything bad that happens at KHS.

To avoid ending a writeup about a high school on too positive of a note, I'll mention that we do have Channel One.

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