A game played by children in the United States (and possibly in other countries as well). To play, some kids pretend to be cowboys, and others pretend to be Indians. Then the kids run around and shoot each other with pretend guns, all while shouting "I got you! You're dead!" and "Nuh-uh! You missed!"

An equally popular variant is "Cops and Robbers", in which some kids pretend to be policemen and some pretend to be criminals. More shooting and refusal to fall down usually follows.

An important feature of Cowboys and Indians is the tying up a cowboy or cowgirl at the stake by the Indians. This more than made up for having to be shot dead later in the game (as Cowboys and Indians usually ended). The knots used to tie the victim or victims up were usually of a bow or box variety, or just rope or twine wrapped around them several times. A great bit of whooping and yelling while circling the victim would be involved. Sometimes at this point in the game, all the players would get distracted and abandon the game, leaving the victim tied up for some amount of time, usually causing a fear or desire of being tied up later on in their life. Ah, the games of youth!

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