Ken Ham was born in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, on October 20, 1951. Ham received a bachelor’s degree in applied science (Biology), and a degree in education. He then went on to teach science in Queensland. After his brush with the education field, he decided to fully devote himself to passing on the message conveyed in Genesis. In 1987, he moved to America, and began to preach of the literal interpretation, and truths presented in the Bible. Ham is very well known for adamantly refuting the theories pertaining to evolution, or any other non-Genesis derived form of creationism.

Currently, Ken Ham holds regular seminars in which he is able to preach to thousands of individuals, children and adults alike, and receives 500+ invitations to speak annually. Here is a list titles of some of Ham's lectures:

  • The Relevance of Creation—Why Does It All Matter?
  • Defending the Authority of Scripture in a Secular (Scientific) Age
  • One Blood—the Biblical Answer to Racism
  • How to Restore Biblical Truths in a Compromising Church and Society–Lessons from the Scopes Trial
  • Why Won't They Listen? The Power of Creation Evangelism
  • How Can We Build a Biblical Family—a Genesis Family?
  • The Most-Asked Questions on Genesis Answered (An Overview of Genesis 1-11)
  • Genesis and the Decay of the Nations—The Genesis Solution to the Evolution Revolution
  • Facts and Bias: Creation vs. Evolution, Two World-Views in Conflict
  • Creation and the Scoffers (II Peter 3)—A presentation especially suitable for church services
  • What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? (A talk that can be geared for ages 5-12, and even to an older audience)

Despite the fact that he "disproves" traditional scientific explanations for occurrences, Ham actually uses science, and the Bible, to answer questions like:

  • Can we really trust the Bible from the very first verse?
  • How can we build a Biblical world-view starting with Genesis?
  • How do we know there is a God?
  • Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?
  • How can we evangelize more effectively?
  • Who was Cain's wife?
  • Why do we see death, suffering, disease, etc., in this world?

In addition to speaking to thousands of people, Ken Ham is the joint CEO of Answers in Genesis, a well known Christian website. Ham also has a daily radio show, heard on over 500 radio stations, where he answers people's questions. On top of all that, Ham has written many novels, including: The Lie: Evolution, D is for Dinosaur, One Blood-The Biblical Answer to Racism, Dinosaurs of Eden, and co-authored Answers Book.

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