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Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: Amiga, distributed only through Pleasant Valley Video
Model Number: 3130
Rarity: P Prototype (It is officially a Prototype, but it was sold at retail. Several thousand were made, making it more like 6 Rare+)
Year of Release: 1983
Programmer: Uncredited

Match patterns on screen by moving around on the "Joyboard" controller.

This game is pretty much Dance Dance Revolution released about 16 years earlier. It appears to be the same idea implemented with the same steppy controller. The only real difference is the graphics and music quality. Which once again proves that there hasn't been a new idea in video games in more than a decade.

Off Your Rocker was designed for (but did not come with), a special stand-on controller called the "Joyboard". It is similar in design to the Skateboard that Sega uses on the much more modern game Top Skater. Amiga never even officially released this game. They developed it, had several thousand copies made, then decided to get out of the business. So they sold their unlabeled inventory to a small company in California, Pleasant Valley Video. The game's packaging was completely unprofessional, with markers used for the labels and boxes. The instructions were a single photocopied sheet that according to rumor was written by a cashier from the video store.

From the manual

GAME OBJECTIVE: Off Your Rocker is a simple game for one to four players. And it's a lot of fun. The objective is to repeat the color and sound patterns - using Joyboard or Joystick - that Rockin' Rollie creates on the screen.

Off Your Rocker can also be played using a Joystick instead of the Joyboard.

GAME INSTRUCTIONS. Use the Game Select level to choose the number of players (number will appear in upper left-hand score box.) Pressing the joystick "fire" button will tell Rockin' Rollie that you're ready to play. When he presents a pattern, you can take as long as you like to study it and make your first move. But once you have started, you only have five seconds between each following move. There are two ways to play:

Rockin' Rollie's pattern sequenced can be up to 99 color changes in length. If you somehow manage to complete the entire sequence of 99 (or get even close to it), you will probably have worked up quite a sweat. You might want to consider a shower before you start bragging about how well you've done.

Collectors Information

This game used the "Joyboard" controller, which is a lot harder to find than the cartridge is. Having the Joyboard adds a lot to the value of this game (even though the Joyboard is pretty much useless for other games). Off Your Rocker is valued at around $150 USD. As always, games with boxes and manuals are worth more, although the manual for this game is a photocopied piece of paper, and the box is a plain white box with the title written in marker.

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