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Ruin Explorers is an anime set in a time long ago where magic once played a key role in everyday life. However, many disputes over who should control powerful sources of magic broke out, and eventually destroyed civilization. Now, magic is considerably scarcer, and explorers roam the land, searching ruins of the past civilization in the hopes of finding treasure, or, the more sought after "Ultimate Power". Legend holds that the Ultimate Power can grant its wielder any wish, no matter how big, or unbelievable.

The story focuses on the events revolving around Ihrie and Fam, two ruin explorers. Ihrie is searching for the Ultimate Power so that she can remove a curse from herself that turns her into a mouse after she casts a spell. Fam on the other hand, wishes to obtain the Power so that she might create a utopian society, where everybody is nice to each other. Soon after the main characters are introduced, a traveling merchant happens to meet up with them, and offers a map that supposedly leads to the Ultimate Power (just a little suspicious). From there, adventures and shenanigans ensue.

I have to say that this anime was a big disappointment. The animation was okay, and I could even get past Fam's incredibly high pitched, annoying voice, but I just couldn't get past the horrible, unimaginative story. I mean, even the most sought after object in the world had a boring, uncreative name. This is one that you should probably pass on.


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