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Kimera is an anime that was released in Japan in 1996, and in the U.S. in 1997, by ADV Films. It tells the tale of a young man by the name of Osamu, who discovers a strange cryo-stasis capsule in a section of his father's laboratory, which is owned and operated by the government. The capsule contains what Osamu observes to be a very beautiful woman, whose name, based on the capsule, is "Kimera". Osamu has no idea what his father could be doing with a young woman, and decides to help her escape.

As it turns out, Kimera is one of many vampires that were transported from their vampire home world that was destroyed. On Earth, their one purpose is to reproduce, thus replenishing the population of vampires in the universe. This task is made easier by the fact that the vampires are androgynous, and can therefore reproduce with either sex.

However, while Kimera is busy trying to copulate, there is another vampire that followed Kimera to Earth, with the hopes of destroying her before she has a chance to spawn more vampires, which would, in time, destroy humanity.

I was actually surprised when I watched this anime, for the story was pretty original, which was a refreshing change from many anime. On top of that, the animation was decent. However, it was dubbed, so there were a few points where speech didn't sound natural, but for the most part it was okay. Overall though, I would probably recommend this one.


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