Kenny Larkin is an electronic music DJ/producer from Detroit. He started producing music in 1990, after 2 years of service for the Air Force in which he repaired computers. His first couple records were released on Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva's Plus 8 label. Later in 1992, he started his own label, Art of Dance, and released the classic War of the Worlds under the moniker Dark Comedy. His music has been described as jazzy house and techno, and he has said that improvisation plays a big part in how he makes music. He is the first black techno artist to have his photo on the cover (Thanks to mkb for pointing this out).

He moved to Los Angeles in June 2001 to pursue a stand up comedy career. He is finishing his latest album, Narcissist, as well as a ten year anniversary compilation.

We Shall Overcome - Plus 8 (1990)
Integration EP - Plus 8 (1991)
Yennek - Serena X EP - Buzz (1992)
Dark Comedy - War of the Worlds - Art of Dance (1992)
Dark Comedy - Corbomite Manuever - Transmat (1992)
Pod - Vanguard EP - Buzz (1993)
Azimuth - Warp (1994)
Catatonic - R&S (1994)
Metaphor - R&S (1995)
Loop 2 - R&S (1996)

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