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The vast majority of kanji used in Japanese come from China. But a few dozens of them have been invented by the Japanese. These kanji are called "Kokuji (国字, "national characters").

Kokuji are used for purely Japanese words as well as for Western words once they are well integrated into the language. While Chinese characters usually have one or more Chinese reading (on-yomi) and one or more Japanese readings (kun-yomi), most kokuji only have a Japanese reading. However, a few kokuji have been borrowed by the Chinese themselves, and these ones received a Chinese reading.

The following table lists 85 kokuji taken from Jim Breen's kanjidic. Shro0m told me to use Unicode character entities instead of EUC and he was right.

   Kanji                  Meaning

    鰯                    sardine  
    樫                    evergreen oak  
    粁                    kilometer  
    喰                    eat; drink; receive (a blow)  
    込                    crowded; mixture; in bulk; included  
    榊                    sacred Shinto tree
    鴫                    snipe  
    糎                    centimeter  
    凧                    kite  
    鱈                    codfish  
    栂                    hemlock  
    辻                    crossing; crossroad; street corners  
    峠                    mountain peak; mountain pass; climax; crest  
    栃                    horse chestnut
    噸                    tonnage  
    凪                    lull; calm  
    匂                    fragrant; stink; glow; insinuate  
    畑                    farm; field; garden; one's specialty  
    畠                    field; farm; garden  
    噺                    talk  
    鋲                    rivet; tack; thumbtack  
    辺                    environs; boundary; border; vicinity  
    柾                    straight grain; spindle tree  
    俣                    crotch; thigh; groin  
    麿                    I; you  
    粍                    millimeter (affix)  
    杢                    woodworker  
    籾                    unhulled rice  
    匁                    monme; 3.75 grams  
    鑓                    spear; javelin  
    枠                    frame; framework; spindle; spool; bounding-box  
    俥                    jinricksha  
    凩                    wintry wind  
    叺                    straw bag  
    垈                    plough; cultivate; swamp; wetlands  
    嬶                    wife (vulg)  
    怺                    endure  
    杣                    timber; lumber; woodcutter  
    枡                    measuring box  
    椚                    oak used for charcoal  
    毟                    pluck; pick; tear  
    燵                    foot warmer  
    瓧                    10 grams  
    瓩                    1000 grams  
    瓰                    0.1 gram  
    瓱                    0.001 gram  
    瓸                    100 grams  
    甅                    centigram  
    癪                    spasms  
    竍                    decalitre  
    竏                    kilolitre  
    竕                    decilitre  
    竓                    millilitre  
    竡                    hectolitre  
    竰                    centilitre  
    簓                    bamboo whisk  
    籵                    dekametre  
    粨                    hectometre  
    縅                    majesty  
    聢                    certainly  
    蓙                    mat; matting  
    裃                    old ceremonial garb; samurai garb  
    裄                    sleeve length  
    褄                    skirt  
    襷                    cord to hold up sleeves  
    諚                    command  
    躾                    training  
    軈                    soon after; presently; almost; all but;  
                            no more than; after all;
    辷                    1st use of rad  
    迚                    some way or other; very  
    錺                    metal jewelry  
    鎹                    clamp  
    閊                    branch; support; sustain  
    鞆                    archer's arm protector  
    颪                    wind from mountains  
    饂                    Japanese noodles  
    鯒                    flathead (fish)  
    鯱                    fabulous dolphin-like fish; killer whale  
    鯰                    fresh water catfish  

How to read Japanese characters in E2 may help you if your browser doesn't display the kanji.

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