Small island, part of Indonesia. Home to the largest lizard in the world, the Komodo Dragon.

Tagline: Welcome to the bottom of the food chain.

2000 movie, written by Hans Bauer and Craig Mitchell, and directed by Michael Lantieri. It is about an island off the coast of Florida, which is inhabited by Komodo Dragons. A young boy's parents are killed by these creatures, and he goes into post-traumatic stress syndrome. Nobody knows what happened, because he can't communicate, and the oil company which operates on the island is trying to cover everything up.

In an effort to help the boy, psychiatrist Victoria Juno decides to take the boy back to the island so he can relive the trauma, and begin to come to terms with his fears. Little does lovely Dr. Juno know, his fears are very very real.


Victoria: "Is there anything these things wont eat?"
Guy: "Well yeah, anything faster than they are I guess. And uh, raisins - they don't eat raisins."

An integrated development environment for coding in Perl, C++, Java, XML, HTML, or C#, or Pascal, or half a dozen other languages.

Like other IDEs, Komodo provides a pane-based layout which combines code windows with other tools like a variable monitor and simple access to debuggers. It uses syntax highlighting to more clearly show the structure of code.

Komodo is based on Mozilla, and is available gratis from ActiveState for non-commercial use. It runs on both Linux and Windows.

Now that I've got the facts out of the way, I feel free to comment that, as a rank amateur from way back, I appreciate Komodo's simplicity. It feels intuitive to me, right down to using F5 to run a program (as was the case back in the days of QBasic). For a guy who's used to simple text editors and command-line interfaces, I've taken to Komodo like a duck to water. This lizard certainly helps me dispose of bugs.

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