The code that works on a lot of the action games Konami made for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It's also the only way some people could beat Contra. The code goes as follows, and must be entered before at the start screen before the demo begins:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, *Select, Start

*Only hit select if you want a two player game.

This code provides the following benefits (only listed the games I owned):

Contra - 30 Lives
Life Force - 30 Lives
Gradius - Full weapons, shields, and two Options
Castlevania - doesn't work
Jackal - doesn't work

I'm told this works on a whole bunch of GameBoy games, too.

Despite what some people tell you, you DO actually have to hit B and A... otherwise you get nothing.

This is what's commonly known as the Konami Code to Nintendo Entertainment System and classic video game afficianados. It first appeared in the 1986 NES release Gradius. When pausing the game and entering the code, a player got a full set of power-ups for their ship. It could only be entered once a game though.

Probably the most famous and most referenced place it appeared was 1988's Contra. After inputting the code at the title screen, a player would have 30 lives to waste against the oncoming aliens. The code also serves the same function for the Gradius side-story game Life Force, also released in 1988.

The other famous place it showed up in was 1991's Gradius 3 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. But it wasn't what people expected. See, when you pause the game and put in the code the normal way, your ship blows up. To get around this, substitute the L & R shoulder buttons for Left and Right on the directional pad. Then you'd get the same effect of a full arsenal, remeniscent of the original Gradius.

These games aren't the only ones with the Code, and Konami isn't the only company that uses it. Below is a summary of most of the appearances and rearrangements of the code.

The lot of these were swiped from
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