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Also known as Kimona Wanalaya in ECW and Leia Meow in WCW.

This petite South Korean beauty was born November 23rd, 1976 in Seoul, but was adopted at the age of 2 by a couple in Philadelphia whom she described as "very violent people". At the age of 13, a court order took her from her adoptive parents and she spent her adolescence in and out of group homes, living mostly on the street.

At 16, she graduated from high school and began work at a lingerie store before becoming an exotic dancer a year later. In an unlikely twist of fate, she met a DJ named Scott Levy, better known as Raven in the professional wrestling circuit.

Raven invited her to an Extreme Championship Wrestling show and though she was just a member of the audience, the crowd response to her was so good that she got a job as a valet the next day.

This led to a roller-coaster career of sorts which saw her participate in a lesbian angle, among other titilating storylines. Unfortunately, it culminated in a impromptu striptease which did not go well with the fans, and Kristina left ECW soon after that. She was only 18.

She did some shows with independent promotions before getting in touch with Terry Taylor and Vince Russo, then employees with the then-WWF (now WWE). However, both left the company before anything came out of it, but Kristina was persistant and followed Russo to the now defunct World Championship Wrestling.

She debuted as Leia Meow in 1999, with a cheerleader gimmick for the returning Varsity Club - Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotunda and Rick Steiner. Unfortunately the Varsity Club gimmick did not last long, and Laum found herself without a storyline till a year later, when she reappeared as the harsh dominatrix manager of the Jung Dragons stable - Jimmy Yang, Kaz Hayashi and former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble.

She was released in mid-2001 by WCW when creative head Vince Russo left the company, and is reported to have gone back to her exotic dancing "roots".

Information taken from:
Wild Ride (WCW Magazine #71) by Kevin Eck
Warrior Woman: Kimona (New Wave Wrestling - November 2000) by Craig Prendergast

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