An act traditionally geared to titillating by presenting the appearance of revealing a dancer's (usually of the feminine variety) naughty bits.

A famous version frequently had the dancer behind large fans or feathers the entire time, with only bare legs or arms peaking out as cloths were periodically flung off into view. Hence the "tease" in the name.

Today there is frequently no tease involved. Some music is played, generally too loud and all the clothes (if a bikini counts) are flung off and the dancer bounces around collecting cash.

A strip club located very near the Rio hotel/casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The club is on the corner of Valley View and Sprint Mountain.

The club serves alcohol, hence is topless only (in unincorporated Clark County, where this club (and all of the Las Vegas Strip south of Sahara Avenue) resides, alcohol and nudity are not permitted by law to exist in the same building. Feh.). Cover for non-locals is usually $10 plus a one or two drink minimum (depending on the mood of the bouncers and waitresses). Drinks run from $3.00 water to wines in fancy bottles that have four-figure numbers involved in their pricing.

In this writer's opinion, the mixed drinks served here are actually a good amount stronger than usual for a strip club (not watered down, perhaps?). The dancers working here run the gamut from petite athletic types to tall, voluptuous, big breasted wonders. On the obnoxious "men's scale of womanly hotness" there's never anything worse than a "5" wandering about the place, the average is "7" to "8", and you'll occasionally spot a "9". Perfect 10's are elusive here.

Music is provided by a DJ, as in most clubs in Vegas, and is generally played too loud to support any kind of reasonable conversation outside of "do you want a dance?" and "what's your name?" The women dance two song sets, with the top coming off at the end of the first song (usually), and everything else except the shoes and thong coming off during the second.

Lap dances run $20 each. The absurdly overpriced V.I.P. room starts at a "mere" $100 for three short dances. The price skyrockets from there if you want more than one woman, more than three dances, more than one drink, etc.

For locals, the club sometimes (almost randomly) offers no cover, with a one drink minimum. Do not count on this, though; this appears to be solely at the whim of the bouncers at the front door and the cashier. If you're dressed up too nicely, forget it (we tried this once, just to see what they'd do). If you're dressed too poorly, also forget it. If you look like an average middle class everyday shmuck then you might get in with no cover, but your milage may vary.

Inside the club, hustling is fairly strong, but not as bad as the "fancier" places in Vegas, like Jaguar or Sapphire. Still, expect to be pestered by dancers every few minutes, and if one sits next to you, expect a waitress to come along prodding you to buy the dancer (and yourself) a drink.

Overall, this club is just about average. There are better and worse to be found here, and unless you're close by (hanging out at the Rio, for instance), this one's not worth a special trip off the Strip.

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