Kupittaa (Kuppis in Swedish) is a place in Finland. It's a part of Turku, which is one of the largest cities in Finland.

You can walk to Kupittaa from the centre of Turku, it's just 10 minutes away from the market place. It's almost directly to south, across the river Aurajoki. Of course, it's possible to take a bus. Best choices are maybe numbers 3 and 30, running every 15 minutes from the market place.

Kupittaa has a large and beautiful park, a big supermarket, good facilities for playing football - including the main football stadium of Turku - and ice hockey. Thousands of people live in the region. Koneisto-festival was held at the park of Kupittaa, but it moved to Helsinki in 2002.

Kupittaa has also a railway station: it's the first stop from Turku to Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

Kupittaa doesn't have a significant reputation. It's not like Hervanta of Tampere - or Harlem of New York. There's nothing special about Kupittaa - and that's what makes it special.

The word "Kupittaa" is quite funny in Finnish. It can be roughly translated as "to cup", as in "to drink". This means that "Kupittaa" can be very cruelly translated as "to drink alcohol".

Most Finns like drinking, that's no secret. Knowing that Kupittaa basically means same as "to drink alcohol", you can guess how many silly laughs Finns get when they hear the word Kupittaa while travelling by train.

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