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LAN Party Central is a LAN Party group based out of South Eastern Michigan that has seen limited activity since 2004 when their coordinator, Steve Schroeder went off to college.  LAN Party Central also refers to the room at Steve's parent's house that was converted to an all inclusive LAN Party station complete with 8 computer bays, dual-central air conditioning, comfortable office chairs, monitors, keyboards, mice, a nice stereo, and the requisite blacklights and strobes.

LAN Party Central differed from other LAN Party groups in that it provided computers to its gamers because at the time of creation, not many of Steve's friends owned their own computer or had laptops powerful enough to justify gaming on.

As time progressed, however, the costs of continually upgrading computers, video cards, memory, etc. became too much for Steve and his family to bear, so the decision was made to instead procure a set of games that would run flawlessly on the quickly aging hardware.  Such games include Half Life, Team Fortress, Starcraft and other various games.

And this group was not just a local gathering of teens trying to waste away the night like other LAN Party groups.  They have received sponsorship from such companies as Corsair, NVidia, Monster, BAWLS,  and others.  Their two most notable LAN Parties include the 2004 Anti-Prom LAN Party and their semi-anual R.v.B LAN Party.


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