Nervous Industries at try experiments in what they call Land Mail (formerly/also known as Snail Mail), to see if we can find new ways for people to interact and communicate. They're trying to reacquire the (what they consider to be) misused acronym of LMAO and use it for good. Now, LMAO stands for Land Mail Art Objects. These objects are of such a nature that anybody can make them. They include notebooks, visual albums, boxes, mix tapes, and they are sent all over the world, to anyone that signs up for them at, and finally returned to their original owners. Clearly there's a great deal of trust that goes into sending your object into the world, and they say this is really just a new experiment that they're not sure will work or not.

"It's the everyman's version of the lovely 1000 Journals Project".

Other such examples of experiments and projects to do with Land Mail objects can be found at or

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